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MARSACE MT-01 table tripod




Marsace MT-01 comes with 360 degree panoramic rotation design.

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【Superb Craftsmanship】The whole system adopts full CNC machining, hard anode oxidation, solid materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and innovative grabbing mode, resulting in a tripod product that combines stability and portability. 

【Panoramic Design】360° panoramic rotation design, the pan/tilt can be rotated freely, and the quick-loading plate bracket can also be rotated separately. It features dual panoramas for a wide viewing angle range and panoramic viewing for added convenience. 

【Stable and Durable】The lightweight pan/tilt is compact and can adjust the angle of the wrench to control the damping of the gimbal and maintain the stability of the bracket.  

【Switched Freely】By turning the angle control loop, you can adjust the shooting angle of two gears arbitrarily, which is convenient for shooting in different scenes. 

【Detachable】Tripod and mini pan/tilt, easy to store, carry worry-free, suitable for compact digital SLR cameras, mobile phones, Gopro.  


Vertical bearing capacity up to 75 kg

Two Angle setting


Ball Head:

30 mm diameter of a sphere

163 grams of bantamweight self-respect

12 kg locking force

Double panoramic function


Product parameters: 

Model: MT-01
Product type : Tripod + PTZ set
Material: aluminum alloy
Storage height: 222mm
Working height: 120mm & 180mm
Panoramic Head weight: 163g
Tripod weight: 242g
Sphere diameter: 30mm  

Ball Head base diameter: 40mm
Tripod carrier diameter: 42mm
Bearing capacity: 90Kg /198lb
package listing:

tripod * 1
Ball Head * 1
Fast loading plate * 1
Hexagon wrench * 2
 1/4 screw*1
Cleats * 2
Protect bag * 1
Weight 2 kg