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Portable battery powered VISICO 2 Kit – 200 Watt




VISICO 2 is a small yet powerful portable 200 watt for outdoor use. With fully charged battery, this unit can be used up to 500 shots in its full power mode.


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VISICO 2 packaging :
  • VISICO 2 * 1
  • Battery for VISICO 2 * 1
  • AC Adapter * 1
  • Lightstand
  • Remote VC818 (ops : Canon / Nikon / Sony) * 1
  • Carry Case
VISICO 2 single unit specification :
  • Model:VISICO2
  • Power:200Ws flash output, GN50, incredible amount of power in the most compact form.
  • Lithium battery:Adapt high-performance and user replaceable 2900mAh Lithium battery, has a max. recycling time of 0.01-1.8 seconds. Enough energy to cover at least 500 full power shoots, over thousands shoots at lower power.
  • High speed sync:Up to 1/8000s high-speed sync flash. When photographers shoot outdoors in bright sun with wide open aperture, fast shutter speed can cut the ambient light through lens, and release proper and ideal exposure to the subject.
  • TTL system:Fully support Canon, Nikon, Sony TTL. Camera signals are automatically sensed and switch systems without user intervention.
  • Power adjustment:Expanded 9 stop range of power adjusts from full to 1/256 in 1/3th stop increments.
  • Multi stroboscopic mode:Release a rapid sequence of shots, can shooting motion trajectory by one shutter, and clearly catch object moving track.
  • Channel and Group:Integrated 2.4G wireless remote trigger system, has 32 independent channels . Under every channel, you can divide units in 5 groups
  • 1/10000S flash duration:1/10000s flash duration, capture splendid instant of fasting moving object.
  • Stable color mode:5600±100°K color temperature at over the entire power range.
  • 【Sharp LCD panel】 Super clear and convenient display of all functions, flash state and warnings.
  • LED modeling lamp:5W LED modeling lamp. brightness adjustable in 6 steps.
  • Protection:Overcurrent/ Overcharge/Overdischarge/ short circuit protection, ensure studio flash best performance.
  • Update:Support firmware upgrade
Weight 4 kg